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Sizing & Fit

How do I know what bra size to order?

Your body’s shape and size can change rapidly during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum. We recommend measuring yourself before ordering.  It’s especially important to measure your underbust and fullest bust before ordering a Kindred Bravely br

When should I order a nursing/pumping bra?

We recommend ordering a bra that you intend to wear after giving birth fairly late in your third trimester, around 36-37 weeks. If you find the bra does not fit well once your milk comes in, you have 90 days from your order date to request an exchang

Should I order a Busty size?

Busty sizes are designed for those with larger cup sizes, DD/E to H, and Super Busty sizes are designed for cup sizes I to K (check each product’s size chart for specific sizing). Busty and Super Busty sizes allow those with larger busts to get the s

What's the difference between XXL and 1X?

We've been working hard to make our sizing as easy to understand as possible. To better align with industry-wide trends, we've updated some size names. What we once called XXL will now be called 1X, while XXXL will now be 2X. As our inventory adjusts

Can I use the same bra for pregnancy and nursing?

Most pregnant people find that their body fluctuates greatly during pregnancy and nursing, so it’s likely that you will need more than one size or style to carry you through your journey. While all of our bras are designed with comfort in mind, what’

How do I measure for underwear, pants, labor gowns, etc?

For underwear and pants, we recommend ordering based on your widest hip measurement. If you’re pregnant, this may include some of your baby bump. For labor gowns, we recommend measuring around your back and the fullest part of your bump. The size cha