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What about an HSA or HRA?Updated 9 months ago

An HSA is exempt from taxes for qualified medical expenses under Code Section 213(d), and such HSA funds are often used to pay for deductibles, co-payments, coinsurance, and other select health care expenses. You may also use funds from your HSA to purchase accessories for pumping breast milk without getting a prescription from your healthcare provider, as long as those items are recognized by your HSA administrator as qualified medical expenses.

If you have unused HSA funds available, you might be able to use a portion of these monies to assist you in getting the nursing items you need, though you may wish to check with your HSA administrator to ensure their system will accommodate these items as medical expense amounts before using any of your available HSA funds.

An HRA is similar to an HSA in terms of what can be reimbursed under the program, but it is an arrangement set up and funded by your employer to help pay for eligible healthcare expenses, which may also include breastfeeding supplies. Check with your employer to determine if you have an HRA that is available and any other specific eligibility rules based on your plan.

There are many resources to help you understand your benefits, especially how you can and cannot use FSA, HSA, and HRA money. We hope you are able to use these resources to help with your parenthood journey.

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